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Little Hands, Little Feet Preschool

Deborah Spruck
Deborah Spruck

Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO

Our school provides a warm and nurturing atmosphere in which children thrive.  Children grow when they are free to observe, explore and engage in a variety of activities.  We recognize that most, if not all children learn through play.  Each child is treated as an individual.  The staff understands each child and their separate needs from the other children, including their learning styles and personalities.  The staff plans a variety of activities and learning experiences that reflect children's particular needs.


An essential element of our program is our flexibility and individualization, which relies on our continuous and progressive observation of each child's interest and readiness levels. Based on our observations, the child will either work on a one to one basis with the teacher or as a member of a small group.  During this special time, we will be using a wide variety of games and activities in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere.


Another aspect of our program is the utilization of a multi-sensory approach in presenting our varied units and themes.  We offer opportunities in arts and crafts, drama, cooking, physical education, language experiences and music.


The world of play and childhood dreams are enhanced as we head outdoors to our spacious playground.  A child can jump on a sea saw with friends and build lots of memories, visit our play houses or even stop and have a snack on our picnic tables.  We also have a large play structure which provides ample opportunities for sliding, climbing, tunneling and meeting in a niche for conversation with friends.

Our inside gym offers our hot racer space for crusining on bikes, scooters and cars. One can dribble a ball down the court or join some friends in a game of catch and play with our parachute. Laughter, fun, games, dancing and much more can be enjoyed during our gym period.

Our preschool’s mission is to educate children and support families.  We are committed to developing the whole child mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.


Children grow and learn when they are free to observe, explore and actively engage in activities at their own developmental levels.  The staff recognizes that children learn through play and interaction.  We will provide a warm, nurturing environment in which children will be able to thrive as well as to grow intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.  We treat each child as an individual, respecting their needs, learning styles and personalities.  We believe that learning should always be fun!  Your child is on a journey of discovery about themselves and the world around them.




- Intellectual creativity and curiosity

- Large and small muscle control

- Positive attitude towards learning

- Language expression

- Art, science and music exploration

- Pre-math and math skills

- Eye and hand coordination

- Pre-reading and reading skills

- Self-discipline

- Independence in solving problems

- A positive self-image

- Strong social skills

Tom Portman
Tom Portman

Head of Advertising

Head of Advertising


Deborah Spruck

Director, Head Teacher 4's class

Miss Debbie is the Director at Little Hands, Little Feet Preschool as well as the teacher for the 4's class. She has been a director for three years but is very  excited to direct and own her own school. She attended Pace University and received a BA in Elementary Education and Special Education. She also received a Master's Degree in Reading from Iona College. Miss Debbie always uses a multi-sensory approach to learning. She has been married to her husband, Ricky, for 24 years and together they share three beautiful girls; Nicole, Jennifer and Stephanie.  Miss Debbie enjoys spending time with her family as well as enjoying to watch her children, and the preschool community grow into amazing individuals. 

Miss Carmen

Head Teacher 2's class

Miss Carmen is the assistant teacher for the two's class.  Miss Carmen lives in Buchanan with her husband Rick and their two children Alyssa and Philip.  She graduated from Manhanttanville College where her major was Spanish with a minor in Psychology and Education. She has taught at Sunset Nursery School in Montrose, New York for ten years.  She also worked in the Henrick Hudson School District as a Substitute teacher as well as in the reading department.  Miss Carmen enjoys working with preschoolers and finds it gratifying to see how quickly they learn.  

Miss Jen

Assistant Teacher 2's class

My name is Jennifer Hickey. I am a proud mother of two, who were both taught by Miss Debbie. I have a master's degree in social work and have worked with children and families in a variety of settings for over 10 years. I was a stay home mom for many years, now I am happy to be back at work as a Teachers Assistant with Little Hands, Little Feet.  

Miss Paula

Assistant Teacher 2's class

Miss Karen

Head Teacher 3's class

My name is Karen Scanga and I am happy to be joining Little Hands, Little Feet Preschool. I have lived in Briarcliff for 21 years and I have two children, ages 13 and 17. I have a BS from Fordham University and Masters in Education from Pace University. I am looking forward to be working with your children watching them grow and learn each day. 

Miss Mehvish
Miss Svetlana

Assistant Teacher 3's class


Assistant Teacher 4's class

Miss Sveltana is the assistant teacher in the three's class. She lives in Mount Pleasant with her husband Stephan and their two daughters Gabriella and Stefanie.  Both of Miss Sveltana's children attended the school.  She is originally from Omsk, Russia, where she attended a Polytechnical Institute graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Engineering.  She loves working with the children, watching them grow and becoming great friends with one another.  She also enjoys working with the caring staff.

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